The Citizen Planning Advisory Committee will advise Council during the Plan Review. The Committee will act as a community voice and help engage the public. Members will provide recommendations at each step of the Review, and give staff and Council feedback on reports and policy options. Their advice will make sure public feedback is reflected through the whole process.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Monday 18th September 6.30pm in Council Chambers

Committee Members:

  • Trevor Hume, District 1
  • Mary Ellen Clancey, District 2
  • Matt Nightingale, District 2
  • John Caroll, District 3
  • Mark Narsansky, District 3
  • Carol Nauss, District 3
  • Arthur Backman, District 4
  • Debbie Reeves, District 4
  • Heather Brooker, District 5
  • Nancy Greene, District 7
  • Warden Allen Webber

Committee Minutes & Agenda Packages