There are several positions with the Municipality that Council appoints. Sometimes staff are appointed and sometimes citizens are appointed. They are:


  • Grant Thornton (Financial)

Chief Building Inspector

  • Brent Haase

   Building Inspector

  • Earl Woodworth

Development Officer

  • Heather Archibald

   Acting Development Officers

  • Tary Maguire, Director of Community Development
  • William DeGrace, Senior Planner

Emergency Measures Coordinator (Municipal)

  • tbd

Fences Arbitration Committee

  • tbd 

Fire Inspector

  • Brent Haase (interim) 

Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Responsible Officer

  • Tammy Wilson, CAO (Appointed)
  • Dan Pittman, Records Management & Quality Control Officer (Delegated)

Returning Officer

  • Samuel Lamey, Municipal Solicitor

Sexual Harrassment Policy Administrator

  • Tammy Wilson, CAO

Sexual Harrassment Policy Advisor

  • Pam Myra, Municipal Clerk

Sheep Valuer

  • Stacy Keddy


  • Samuel Lamey

Town Crier

  • Garry Zwicker