Amendments to By-Laws and Policies

Every so often, Council needs to update, amend, or develop a By-Law to reflect a change in our community or situation. When this happens, there is a process that they must follow.

  • Notice of Intention - At a Council or Committee of the Whole meeting, Council will give "Notice of Intention" to amend a By-Law.
  • First Reading - At the next meeting, Council will move the amendments to "First Reading". This means they are moving forward with approving the amendment or new By-Law. After the motion to First Reading, the Municipality advertises the amendment in the newspaper, the municipal newsletter, and the website (if it affects the public and not just an internal document). It's at this time that the public can submit their feedback about the changes.
  • Second Reading - This is the meeting where public feedback is considered. Council can either adopt the amendments as is, defeat the amendment altogether, or change the amendment to satisfy concerns.
  • Adoption - After the Second Reading of the amendments are approved, Council can adopt the By-Law as amended.

For a Policy, it's basically the same process as amending a By-Law, except instead of "readings", Council gives "notice". Most policies deal with internal operations, and are not advertised in the municipal newsletter or the website. They are, however, still advertised in the paper. Just as with a By-Law, the process for approving a Policy is

  • Notice of Intention
  • First Notice
  • Second Notice
  • Adoption

**The only exceptions to this are Planning regulations. All By-Laws and Procedures related to Planning must be approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs before being enacted.


By-Laws and Policies scheduled for amendment

Policy Title

Proposed Amendment(s) Status of Approval

Dog By-Law #140

Change - 17 (e) change of "registered" mail to "regular" mail out.

Add - 17 (m) (iv) outline what hours dogs are able to be kept outside at a kennel as deemed appropriate by the by-Law Enforcement Officer

First Reading February 9, 2017

Second and Final Reading March 16, 2017


Copies of the By-Law can be reviewed at the Municipal Office between 8:30am and 4:30pm or download a copy by clicking here. Call the Municipal Clerk at 902-275-3554 for information or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.