Public Hearings

Public Hearings are held to provide the public an official avenue for input for certain instances, such as proposed changes to the Land-Use By-Law

Upcoming Public Hearings:

Thursday March 30th, 2017 at 08.45hrs in Council Chambers to hear the following amendments:

Multiple amendments the Highway 3 Site Plan Approval Area in the Chester Village Secondary Planning Strategy and Land use By-Law:

  1. To enforce architectural controls in the Highway 3 Site Plan Approval Area directly through development permit, instead of site plan approval;
  2. To rename the Highway 3 Site Plan Area as the Highway 3 Development Area;
  3. To clarify how site design guidelines for the Highway 3 Site Plan Area are applied to new construction and additions to buildings. The amendments include rearranging the Schedules that contain the Highway 3 site design guidelines and removing the architectural control guidelines from the site plan process and placing them into a separate schedule H;
  4. To exempt signs, small additions, small accessory structures and changes of use from the site design guidelines and site plan approval process for the Highway 3 Site Plan Area;
  5. To enforce architectural controls for mobile homes through development permits instead of site plan approval.

 Please see the amendments for Items 1-2 , for Items 3-4  and for  Item 5 .

An amendment to the Rural Zone (RU) in the Chester Village Land Use By-Law:

  1. To amend the RU Zone to list dog kennels as a permitted use.  The amendment includes setbacks for accessory structures which are used as part of a kennel operation, but exempts the main dwelling from the set back.

 Please click here to see the amendments.

An amendment to the Chester Municipal Land Use By-Law:

  1. Houskeeping amendment to renumber the General Zoning Map from A-9 to A-10 and a star added to denote the location of Kaizer Meadow Zoning.

Please click here to see the amendments.