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We are now creating draft documents, which are being reviewed by our Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC).  The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS or Planning Strategy) provides the vision and goals for the community.The Land Use By-law provides the land use regulations.  The latest draft documents are available in the CPAC agenda packages.  Prior drafts are also available for reference.  This section will continue to be updated as newer sections of the drafts are reviewed by CPAC.

The Village Planning Documents below were part of the public CPAC agenda package for the Feb. 22, 2016 meeting. It was decided to put further discussion of the Village Strategy and Land Use By-law on hold until the District Strategy and Land Use By-law are finished. The following documents only considered overall approach and commercial areas in the central Village.

  •  CPAC Agenda PackagesCPAC Agenda Packages

  •  Village Planning Document DraftsVillage Planning Document Drafts


Our first round of public engagement took place in February and March 2015. Some of the materials that were presented at meetings are available below, as well as the first report on public engagement: 


Need more information on Planning? The links below provide comprehensive, yet easy to read, documents about general planning, processes, and impacts.