Parents like to have a safe place for their kids to play and playgrounds are a great fit. Play equipment and some open green space present lots of opportunities for kids to do what they do best – run, play and have fun!

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Croft Road Playground
Location: 25 Croft Road, Chester Basin

In 2004, the Municipality completed a total renovation of the Croft Road Playground in Chester Basin. The play structures were old, no longer met acceptable standards and needed to be removed. After the rebuild we ended up with a fantastic little playground and fenced in outdoor basketball / ground hockey court.


IMG 4918Gold River Playground
Location: 6200 Highway 3, Gold River

The Municipality of Chester took ownership of the former Gold River/Western Shore Elementary School in 2013. The facility is being transformed into a municipal office with community space, and the outdoor playgrounds and playing field are being kept open to the community. There are some traditional pieces of play equipment such as slides and swings, but there are also fun and unique elements such as the Geode with a complex inner structure of play ropes (it looks like a spider web). With Oak Island close by, the pirate ship at the front of the facility is a popular play structure where kids pretend to be pirates going to hide their treasure.