Animal Control

Contact the Animal Control Officer at


Our Animal Control Officer is responsible for upholding Dog By-Law #140 and handling animal-related complaints;


Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are available for purchase at the Municipal Office at 151 King Street, on the first floor between 8:30am and 4:30pm Mondays to Fridays. The license fee is $15 and is valid for five years.

Why your dog should be licensed...

  • If your dog leaves your property, is found by someone else and is licensed, you can be contacted quickly!
  • License fees aid the Municipality with care of animals and handling citizens' concerns about stray, aggressive or dangerous dogs as well as preventing cruelty to dogs.
  • It is the law! Every owner of a dog must hold a valid license for each dog owned.


Dog Kennels

Kennels within the Municipality of the District of Chester are regulated by Dog By-Law #140.

There are two different types of kennels that the Municipality regulates:

Breeding kennels: Purebred, and mixed dogs that are bred, housed, and sold for profit; and
Boarding/ Daycare kennels: Any type of building or facility that is used for the boarding/ housing (for profit) for more than 1 dog

All kennels within the Municipality of the District of Chester must obtain a yearly kennel license and be inspected by the By-Law Enforcement Officer annually.