Welcome to Kaizer Meadow!

Kaizer Meadow Rocks crop webProsperity and environmental efficiency go hand in hand at the Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre. We are a leading edge facility for business growth, environmental research, innovation and education, and waste management. Our Solid Waste Management Facility is a proven international leader in environmental practices and innovation.

For years, the Kaizer Meadow Solid Waste Facility has led the world in environmental management practices. Today, we are upping the ante on our commitment to sustainable prosperity and environmental expertise with the development of our Eco Park. Our commitment to technological excellence and environmental preservation, as well as our belief that environmental enhancement leads to economic development opportunities, are driving innovation at Kaizer Meadow.

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Location and hours of operation:

We are located at 450 Kaizer Meadow Road, Sherwood. Roughly 20km north of Highway #103 Exit 8 on Route #14.

Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 4:00pm

Our History

Our success story begins with the Kaizer Meadow Solid Waste Management Facility, an 800-acre parcel of land 20 minutes north east of the historic seaside village of Chester.

Since 2005, the Municipality of the District of Chester has invested millions of dollars in technology and infrastructure that have transformed Kaizer Meadow into an internationally recognized waste management facility. Today, Kaizer Meadow is recognized internationally as a leader and expert in solid waste resource management.