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Crafts for ages 3 to 7 years

Animal Puppet Craft

Materials: popsicle stick, construction paper, markers/colouring pencils, googly eyes, scissors


  • Draw a face of your favourite animal on the construction paper
  • Colour in the face to your liking
  • Cut out the animal face
  • Glue the face onto the popsicle stick
  • Add googly eyes to bring your creature to life
  • Puppet shows are highly suggested, but not required



Dinosaur Handprint Craft

Materials: paint, paper, paint brush, googly eyes, glue, a hand


  • Paint hand with desired colour and then place on paper, making sure to press firmly to get all of the paint onto the paper
  • Flip the paper so that the fingers of the handprint are closest to you. We will be using the thumb as the head and the four fingers as the legs
  • Once the paint dries, glue the googly eye to the thumb of the handprint
  • Use the paintbrush to add spikes and a tail to your dinosaur



Egg Carton Flowers

Materials: egg carton, scissors, paints, paint brush, paper straw, pompom, or buttons


  • Cut out four containers of the egg cartons and trim the edges to create rounded petals
  • Paint the flower petals as desired
  • Let the paint dry and glue the paper straw to the back of the egg carton along with a pompom or a button in the center of the front side
  • Create multiple flowers for a beautiful bouquet!



Shield Craft

Materials: paper plate, scissors, glue, cardboard, decorative materials (construction paper, tissue paper, markers)


  • Decorate the paper plate to your liking – Captain America’s shield is a great choice
  • Cut out a piece of cardboard
  • Glue the cardboard to the back of the shield
  • Let the glue dry and then have fun


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