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Hubbards Barn Farmers Market

Hubbards Barn Farmers Market is open 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. 
The following rules are being actively followed at the Hubbards Barn Farmers’ Market:
Customers must comply with designated one-way traffic flows to access vendors, both inside the Barn and outside in the meadow.  There is a limit of 40 customers inside the Barn during the Market event. This Market is a shopping-only event; social gathering is not permitted. The general public is not permitted to loiter inside the Barn or on the property during Market hours. Public washrooms will be available during Market hours but limited to one person at a time with a hand sanitizing station and volunteer to wipe down high touch surfaces. Customers must NOT bring their pets to Market events. Customers who, out of necessity, bring their children to the modified Market event MUST always keep their children with them. The sandpit is closed for the season. Early bird shoppers will NOT be admitted before 8:00 am.
The following guidelines are strongly encouraged at the Hubbards Farmers’ Market:
Customers should wear protective face masks when they are on Barn property during Market events.
Customers should plan to attend alone, or with one other family member if they need assistance with their shopping. Customers are encouraged to leave the Barn property once their shopping is complete. 

This is a third party event and has not been verified by the Municipality.
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