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Danielle Barkhouse

District 3
Chester area and includes Chester and part of East Chester.

Danielle Barkhouse is a mother of three. She has worked as a Property Manager in the community for the last 10 years, and she also has an environmentally friendly distributing business called EcoDriveway; both of which are headquartered in the Village of Chester.

When Danielle is not working or spending time with her children, she is helping her community or furthering her education. Over the years, Danielle has volunteered for many organizations, whether it is fundraising or setting up tables. She hopes to continue do so for many years.

Committee and Appointment Roster:

  • Audit Committee
  • Chester Municipal Planning Advisory Committee
  • Chester Village Planning Advisory Committee
  • Committee of the Whole
  • Landfill Citizens Monitoring Committee
  • Recreation & Parks Committee (alternate)
  • Lunenburg County Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Regional Emergency Measures (alternate)
  • Western Regional Crown Land Stakeholder Interaction Committee
  • Zoe Valle Library Municipal Trustee
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