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Why Choose the Municipality of Chester? 

Accommodating Land Use Bylaw/General Rural Zoning

We permit a wide array of land uses outside of the Chester Village Area. Almost all uses are permitted residential, commercial, institutional and industrial (some uses may require a development agreement or other assessment before development is permitted) within the General Rural Zone. Refer to the Building & Development Permits page for more information on bylaws and permitting. 

A Partner in Your Success

Municipality of Chester Ambassador Partnership Program and Mobile Tourism Kiosk

2018 marks a new and exciting chapter for marketing the Municipality of Chester with the launch of the Tourism Chester Team. Our plan includes opportunities to partner with key stakeholders on a number of promotional initiatives including:

  • spotlight on our social media platforms identifying you as a Partner and promoting your story and business; 
  • special feature posts on tourismchester.ca;
  • special consideration for selling/promotional opportunities at the Mobile Tourism Chester Team Kiosk;
  • locations highlighted on our Tourism Ambassadors Map; AND
  • your logo on Nova Scotia’s TREASURE TREAT TRUCK.

Contact our Tourism Team Lead, Stephanie Beaumont (sbeaumont@chester.ca) to find out how you can get involved today! 

Dedicated Economic Development and Community Development Team 

Our dedicated team of Economic Development Officer; Development Officer and Planners will personally work with you to understand your specific needs, make suggestions for potential locations, and facilitate meetings with key agencies. 

‘Best of’ Chester Municipality Business Awards Program

Our ‘Best of’ Chester Municipality Business Awards Program celebrates local businesses and gives the public a chance to express their appreciation by choosing their favourite businesses in 23 different categories. Check out our 2018 Best of Chester winners!  


Fiber Op availability in some communities, plus Broadband access throughout most. Refer to the South Shore CIRA map for more information on internet service levels within each community. 

Highly Skilled and Educated Workforce

The MOC is home to approximately 10,600 people and due to its proximity to the Halifax Regional Municipality, our commercial sector has the added value of being able to also draw from their workforce of 432,000 strong. Approximately 45% of MOC residents commute outside of the Municipality, with approximately 30% of those working in the HRM. 

Low Commercial Tax Rate & Low Land Costs

The Municipality of Chester boasts one of the lowest residential and commercial property tax rates in Nova Scotia.

Quality of Life

Boasting much sought after natural environments and landscapes, such as ocean and lakeside waterfront, tracks of farmland and forested areas, the MOC offers a treasure trove of community infrastructure, amenities and services. Refer to  Move Here for more information. 

Strategic Location

The Municipality of Chester borders Halifax Regional Municipality and is only 45 minutes from downtown Halifax, and is close to Lunenburg and the Valley - both in terms of travel time and actual kilometres. Our municipality is close to major activity within the Province, yet far enough away to offer a quaint relaxing atmosphere. 

Transportation Links

We are the closest municipal unit on the South Shore to major shipping and distribution routes, including the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (70km) and the Port of Halifax (50km). The Municipality is serviced by a modern 100-series highway as well as well-maintained secondary roads that make shipping and transport easy and affordable. Provincial data shows that an average of 10,500 vehicles travel Highway 103 between Upper Tantallon and Hubbards each day. It’s the main arterial connection from Halifax to Nova Scotia’s south shore. A Highway Twinning project between Upper Tantallon and Ingramport has already started and is expected to be complete by 2020, while the stretch from Ingramport to Hubbards will be complete in 2023.

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Municipality of Chester Statistics


Sites & Buildings

Kaizer Meadow Industrial Park

Kaizer Meadow Industrial Park is strategically located off Route 14 in Sherwood, between Highways 103 (South Shore) and 101 (Valley). We are a proven world class solid waste facility and environmental management centre with an abundance of land for industrial development. There is approximately 264 hectares (652 acres) of land available for development. The site is bound on the east by an additional 2500 hectares (6000 acres) of Provincial Crown Land. The adjoining lands on the north, east and south are all in forestry use, and the Card Lake Provincial Park is just across the highway to the west of the site. The lots would have to be serviced with on-site sewage disposal systems and on-site water wells. 

  • Serviced with power
  • Not located near conflicting land uses, which is beneficial for businesses seeking sites that require large lots for outdoor storage, involve activities that generate noise, heavy truck traffic, or industrial wastes
  • Access to and potential for reuse of resources, such as landfill gas/methane, biomass, organic waste, construction waste
  • 15/15 Mbps private wireless extension available to tenants
  • On-site recycling facilities are ideal for businesses that could reuse or recycle waste products already being brought to the facility. This onsite access eliminates any associated transportation costs.
  • Onsite water treatment offers potential to assist in the treatment of process water utilizing existing facilities
  • Take advantage of our state-of-the-art sewer plant, which is currently under capacity.

For other available commercial property check out www.realtor.ca or connect with our Economic Development Officer who can assist with site selection.


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Revitalization Initiatives

Highway 3 Streetscape Project

Highway 3 through the Village of Chester is the main commercial corridor within the municipality. Recognizing the strategic importance of the Highway 3 corridor as the primary gateway into Chester Village, the Municipality commissioned a study to develop a plan for improving the streetscape through the Village. The report entitled Planning Vision and Streetscape Design for Highway 3 at Chester Village (Streetscape Plan) sets out goals to:

  • Create a positive first impression of Chester;
  • Encourage further economic development in a planned fashion; and
  • Emphasize the highway as a destination instead of just a conduit.

As much an economic development strategy as it is a planning and design guide, the Chester Village Streetscape Plan provides guidelines to enable appropriate development along Highway 3 to create a Village Commercial cluster between Duke Street and Victoria Street, and Rural Commercial Cluster between Robinson’s Corner and Victoria Street. Refer to Highway #3 Streetscapes Plan for more information. 


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