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The Municipality of Chester is the “gateway” to the South Shore, boasting ocean and lakeside waterfront, forest glades, farmland and an abundance of amenities: the perfect blend of work and casual living.

We are the “perfect slice” of Nova Scotia, mingling tradition with the 21st century; leisure with business; rural with convenience. We are overflowing with local treasures to be explored and have opportunity aplenty.

Enjoy the feel of close-knit, safe, community living within proximity to major centres, healthcare, schools, green spaces, childcare, and amenities such as shops, restaurants, trails, cultural venues, community centres, and much more.

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Work Here:

You will find an array of employment opportunities in a diverse business community. Major employers that reside in the MOC include: 

Our community also has a strong base of small businesses and entrepreneurs (many of them artisans crafting delightful works of art you won't find anywhere else). The environment is conducive to creativity and as a result, residents create products like folk art, works of glass fusion, pottery, and a very long list of other gifted goods. Additional industry includes boat building and repair and large, technologically-advanced manufacturing plants and firms that export worldwide. Refer to our Business Directory for a complete listing of our local businesses. Telecommuting is also a viable work option in the MOC, if you want to work in the adjacent city of Halifax but crave rural-living, the MOC offers an easy 40 minute commute to downtown Halifax. 

There are support services available within the region to help connect people with jobs – reach out to them today! 

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Raising a Family in the MOC:

Childcare resources: 




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We have ocean, lakes, forests, farms, parks, and trails as our playground. Fresh air and an abundance of room to explore without having to watch for traffic or strangers. Enjoy campfires after school, play hide-and-seek in the forest for hours, and skate on ponds in the winter. We have wildlife right in our backyard; summer days when all you can hear is crickets, the rustling of the wind in dry, tall grass, and the distant hum of a boat in the bay buzzing to one of our local islands.

Through the provision of recreation programs, services, facilities and equipment, the Recreation & Parks Department endeavours to enrich the quality of life for all residents and create an active, healthy and vibrant community. 

For the entire south shore region including the MOC; www.SouthShoreConnect.ca is your one stop shop for everything recreation related: programs, events, trails, community groups, and facilities from Hubbards to Yarmouth! When you reach the site, click on 'Search the Active Living Guide' and enter keywords and your area of interest and you will see opportunities from over 2000 current listing. It's also a great place to list your opportunity to ensure your information reaches a broad audience. Subscribe to receive notices of upcoming programs and events.

Annual community events include: 

Check out our community event calendar for more information. 

Local attractions include: 

Learn more at tourismchester.ca

When “fast food” still involves a home cooked meal: Enjoy a sumptuous, home-cooked meal at any one of the regular breakfasts, lunches or suppers hosted by one of our community halls. The MOC is also home to four seasonal farmers' markets: 


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Immigration Resources: 

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Community Transportation:

The Municipality of Chester Transportation Society owns and operates a community transit service, Chester Community Wheels. They provide travel to the area’s major medical centres, as well as charter services for groups and organizations. The service is marketed towards commuters who need to access shopping and errands, appointments, meetings, and visiting family and friends.


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