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Municipal Awareness Week highlights partnerships and services of local government.

Municipal Awareness Week

Municipal Awareness Week. That's the week set aside to get to know your municipal government and its representatives. What do they do? What decisions do they make? How do they work for residents, businesses and organizations in the community? What services do they provide?

During this week (November 15 to 21), the Municipality has scheduled a couple "hands-off" events to highlight some of our services.

  • Follow @chestermun on Twitter, ChesterMunicipality on Facebook, or @chestermuni on Instagram to see posts about our beloved Municipality. Comment and be entered to win one of five Swag Bags filled with cool stuff (valued at approx $40).
  • Learn more about property taxes, wastewater treatment projects, waste management, building permit process, public spaces, and land use.
  • We will be at Zoe Valle Library on Wednesday for an exclusive reading of "The Philanthropist Loonie".
  • Join us on Facebook on Thursday, November 19 at 8:45am for a Committee of the Whole Committee meeting. See how your municipal government works!


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