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Fire blazing at landfill site
Early morning fire at Landfill now under control

Fire at Kaizer Meadow Landfill

Fire broke out early this morning at Kaizer Meadow Landfill. Staff contacted 911 at 6:45 a.m. upon arrival. No injuries were reported. The fire has been extinguished and the fire departments that were on the scene have left the site. Although the cause of the fire is unknown, an investigation will take place over the weekend 

Emergency Measures and the Department of Natural Resources were notified and Public Safety NS was on site. The fire departments on scene were Chester, Chester Basin, New Ross, Hantsport, Lunenburg, Windsor, and Brooklyn Fire Department with aerial support.

We extend our gratitude for their presence, dedication, and willingness to help. As always, we are thankful for our first responders. How they handled today’s incident was professional, expeditious, and selfless

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