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Image of blue-green algae courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Report of Algae Bloom in Sherbrooke Lake

Nova Scoia Environment reported that they became aware of blue-green algae blooms on Sherbrooke Lake, part of which is located in the Municipality of Chester. They posted this on their Facebook page:

"We’re aware of blue-green algae blooms on Big Mushamush Lake and Sherbrooke Lake in Lunenburg County, and a suspected bloom on Lake Ainslie in Cape Breton.
Blue-green algae can be dangerous to you and your pets, as it can produce toxins that can make you sick. You shouldn’t use untreated water from lakes or rivers for drinking water. It could be contaminated with toxins from blue-green algae.
If you think you’ve seen blue-green algae in a lake or river, call one of our local offices: https://novascotia.ca/nse/dept/regional-office-locations.asp
Learn more about blue-green algae at https://novascotia.ca/nse/environmental-health/blue-green-algae.asp?fbcl..."

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