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four cyclists on a road looking at a beach to their right on a sunny day
Cycling the Aspotogan Loop

Share the Road on Hwy. 329

News Release from the Lunenburg District RCMP

Motorists and Cyclists are reminded to share the road on Highway 329

April 30, 2019, Chester, Nova Scotia . . . The route along the Aspotogan Peninsula in Lunenburg County is a popular destination for cyclists. Many travel from around the province to take in the scenic views but the windy road can present challenges to motorists and cyclists.

Lunenburg District RCMP is reminding motorists and cyclists to share the road and keep these rules of the road in mind when traveling on Highway 329:

  • Cyclists must ride on the right hand side of the road, with the flow of traffic, and as near as practicable to the road edge.
  • In Nova Scotia there is a one-metre rule that requires drivers to leave one metre (three feet) of space between their vehicle and a cyclist when driving beside or passing a cyclist. 
  • Motor vehicles can only pass a bicycle if it is safe to do so and there is at least one metre of space kept between the vehicle and the person cycling.
  • Motor vehicles may cross a line to pass a bicycle safely. 
  • Motorists who do not abide by the one-metre rule are at risk of receiving a hefty fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.  

Remember, respecting the rules of the road goes a long way towards keeping everyone safe. 


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