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Chester Village Water Supply

The Municipality of Chester will continue to work with the Village of Chester Commission concerning a central water system in Chester. We recently received the Needs Assessment and Options Analysis Phase I final report (click here to open).

Next steps for this project is to conduct a socio-economic analysis that will identify growth potential and determine if the benefits outweigh costs. A draft scope of work isn't approved yet, as we will be collaborating with the Village of Chester Commission and need their input.

Near the end of the process - once the cost is better defined and available - we will look for the general desire and level of interest of residents and businesses for a central water system in the Village. We recognize that cost isn't everything, but it's a significant piece that many have asked for.

The cost of this analysis is estimated to be $10,000, which is already included in the 2017-18 budget. If we proceed with test wells, they have an estimated cost of $8,000 each. The number of test wells that might be needed hasn't been confirmed yet, but the number isn't expected to be more than a handful.


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