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Chester Village Water Supply

The Municipality of Chester will continue working on water initiatives. We are currently developing a Municipal Water Strategy and are in the initial stages. Please visit www.voicesandchoices.ca/waterstrategy 

The results are in on a Poll held for residents who own property in the Village of Chester boundary. The numbers represent property owners who are in favour of or against constructing a central water system in the Village.



Yes - 260

No - 328

In person:

Yes - 57

No - 98


Yes - 317 (43%)

No - 426 (57%)

The Municipality is investigating the potential for installing a central water system for the Village of Chester.

Data collection, growth analysis and community buy-in are critical to the decision. Both the Municipality and the Village of Chester Commission have invested significant funds in collecting data on existing conditions and examining the socio-economic factors related to a central water system for Chester. To view the findings, please visit www.voicesandchoices.ca/chester-waterOn this site, you will find past documents, answers to frequently asked questions, important dates, costings, and hopefully all of the facts you need to become informed about this issue. Please browse through, and we encourage you to register so you can comment and ask questions.

Poll Information

Property owners within the Village of Chester boundary are eligible for one vote per PID during a poll that the Municipality is conducting on Saturday, January 26. Advanced Polling is also available for those unable to cast a ballot in person, and that takes place starting Friday, January 18 at 9:00am and ending Thursday, January 24 at 7:00pm.

Poll results will be posted here and on our Facebook account.

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