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Best of Chester Municipality

The Best Of Chester Municipality Business Awards showcase some of the area’s customer favourites from best artisanal retailer to best spa facility. Patrons are encouraged to nominate their choice businesses in select categories and then vote once the list of nominations is posted.

Nomination period: April 1 to April 29
Voting: May 3 to May 26
Winners annoinced at Council: May 30

Return to this site starting on April 1 to nominate your favourite businesses in 23 categories as long as they operate within the Municipality of Chester. To level the playing field, nominations are limited to one submission per category per device
(mobile, laptop, tablet). Multiple submissions will be accepted as long as they aren’t for the same category.

After the nomination period, the top nominees will be tabulated in each category and presented to the public for a round of voting starting on May 3 and ending at midnight on May 26. Only the top nominees will be available to receive votes. Again, one vote per category per device.

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