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Household Hazardous Waste

Many products we use are hazardous and should not be thrown in the garbage. They can be harmful to the waste collector when included in the regular stream of curbside waste. Kaizer Meadow gladly accepts all labelled, residential, household hazardous waste as long as it's in a non-leaking container.

We will accept We will NOT accept
paint commercial, industrial and institutional waste
herbicides and pesticides biomedical waste
cleaners and bleaches excessive amounts of material
wood preservatives compressed gas cylinders (oxygen, helium, etc.)
lighting: fluorescent tubes (T5, T8, T12), CFLs, fluomeric lamps, fluorescent U-tubes flares (take to RCMP)
solvents, varnishes, stains and thinners ammunition (take to RCMP)
used oils and transmission fluids  
batteries: lithium ion, alkaline, button cell  
empty and full aerosol containers  
fire extinguishers  
thermostats and thermostat probes  
barometers and vacuum gauges  
flame sensors (eg. gas range)  
float switches  
household, industrial and laboratory thermometers  
loose, liquid mercury  
medical devices  
pressure switches  
tilt switches  
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