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Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program

The Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program provides eligible residents with low-interest loans to help with the upfront cost of improving the supply of potable water to their properties.

Water supply upgrades eligible for this program include

  • the construction of a new dug or drilled well;
  • an upgrade to an existing well required to source potable water for the property;
  • the installation of equipment such as a well pump, a water line, and an electrical connection to support the function of a new or upgraded well; and
  • other equipment, such as cisterns and containers, to improve the supply, use, and conservation of potable water.

The Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program operates on a first come, first served basis until the program budget for the fiscal year has been allocated.

To apply to this program, please submit a completed and signed Registration Form & Checklist to the Municipality either in person, or via mail, or as scanned email attachments (minimum 300 dpi) sent to You are encouraged to review the Financing Agreement template for further information as you complete the Registration Form.

The Municipality’s Department of Finance will contact you to discuss next steps if there is program funding available and if your water supply upgrade registration meets program eligibility requirements.