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Volunteers and local non-profit organizations are a valuable piece of our community. Volunteers organize community events, put on community breakfast and suppers, coach sports teams, visit the elderly, and help those in need. In the Municipality of Chester, we have a long list of community groups and an even longer list of hard working volunteers that give freely of their time to benefit the community.

We believe in celebrating the great work done by our local volunteers. Every day volunteers give of their time and energy to the community, and it is these volunteer efforts that make our communities strong and vibrant. Each April during National Volunteer Week, we host a special reception to thank our volunteers. This year, National Volunteer Week is April 18 to 24, 2021.

April seems like a long way off, but we want groups to start thinking about ways you can celebrate your volunteers.

Nominate A Volunteer!

One thing you can do is nominate a volunteer who will be recognized at our Municipal Volunteer Ceremony which will be held during Volunteer Week.  The person you nominate might be someone who really stepped up and helped with an event recently, it might be a youth who volunteers, or it could be a new volunteer.

From all the volunteers that are nominated, one volunteer will be selected to represent the Municipality of Chester at the provincial volunteer awards.

The deadline to get your nomination in is Friday, January 29, 2021.  For applications, call the Chester Rec office 902-275-3490.  Feel free to nominate a volunteer who isn’t a member of your group but who you know to be a great volunteer in the community.   

Special recognition – if you know of a business, an organization or a family that are outstanding volunteers and contributors to the community, we will accept nominations for them as well.


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