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The Municipality of Chester is a treasure chest enriched by tradition and filled with opportunity. Sawmills and sails have defined a unique culture vibrantly expressed in the homes and boats that dot the woods and water. History is woven with the stories of families and friendships that make us who we are today. From agriculture to industry; hiking to sailing; technology to the arts, the Municipality's gifts are plentiful and diverse.

A muse that attracts and inspires artisans from across the world, craftsmen and artists using the natural elements of canvas, clay, wood and wax capture the spirit of place. You will find their works in the shops, galleries and studios lining the main streets or nestled in quiet corners off the beaten path. Musicians, actors, singers and dancers celebrate our presence in what is called 'The Riviera of the East'. Our festivals brim with excitement and talent that foster the creativity in all of us.

We are a lush and prosperous Municipality with numerous crannies to explore. Seven distinct electoral districts offer a variety of landscapes, livelihoods and leisure. Take time to discover for yourself the people, places and events that create our Community.