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Bulky Waste & Other Collections

In addition to regular waste collection, the Municipality offers the following collections:

Bulky Waste Collection

Under regular collection, the Muncipality will collect ONE bulky item every two weeks.  The guidelines are:

  • Bulky items can only be placed at the curb 24 hours before collection day;
  • Items cannot exceed 50lbs in weight, 4' in length (except for furniture);
  • We will collect ONE
    • large appliance (stove, hot water tank, dishwasher, etc.)
    • piece of furniture or mattress
    • SMALL bundles of wood, gyproc, shingles (not weighing more than 50 lbs. and not exceeding 4')
    • Lobster trap
    • Pallet
    • Window (not weighing more than 50 lbs. and not exceeding 4')
    • ONE additional clear bag of garbage (no extra black bags will be collected)
    • ONE Christmas tree
  • We will NOT collect:
    • electronics (click here for the list)
    • tires (remove from rim and take to Kaizer Meadow or up to four to a tire retailer)
    • household hazardous waste (click here to learn how to dispose of it)
    • propane tanks (click here to learn how to dispose of it)
    • items containing Freon® (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.)
    • large amounts of wood
    • large amounts of asphalt shingles
    • large amounts of gyproc

Please remember that all items can be taken to Kaizer Meadow any time of the year for free up to 1,500 lbs to residents of the Municipality.

Leaf Collection

Bagged leaves are collected in November (check the Waste Collection Calendar for dates). This is the only time that clear, plastic bags can be used to bag leaves. It is also the only time that an unlimited amount of bagged leaves will be collected.

During regular collection, yard waste (leaves, grass, trimmings) can go in your green cart. If your green cart is full, you can put up to three paper bags alongside your green cart each collection. ALTHOUGH, please do not put branches in the bag...tie them in 3' long bundles and place them alongside your green cart. Branches can go inside the green cart IF they do not exceed 2" in diameter or stick out of the of the top of the cart.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees are collected through our bulky waste collection program.

Special Collections

The Municipality does not offer special collections. Instead, we allow each residence and business to place one item curbiside per collection.