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Mosaic Mural Completed

Mosaic Mural 2018
Our finished mosaic

We did it! The community was invited to participate in a municipal-wide mosaic art project that was to be part of larger, national legacy, and we succeeded with flying colours (pun intended)!

In total, 575 tiles were painted at public workshops on May 9 and 10 at St. Stephen’s Parish Hall and Forest Heights Community School by community artists of all ages and abilities. In addition, residents at Bonny Lea Farm, Acadia First Nation students, Grade 8 students at Chester Area Middle School, Grade 7/8 students at New Ross Consolidated and students from Grades 9 to 12 at Forest Heights also contributed their art. The resulting tiles were put together to form our community mosaic…one of many mosaics created across the country that, when combined, may be the largest community art project in the world! Each tile is as unique as the individual that painted it, but when combined, those 575 tiles create an image that represents the Municipality of Chester as a whole - a wonderful visual metaphor for our community.

The mosaic is based at Forest Heights Community School but will be mobile, so watch for it at an event coming up near you. It was professionally photographed and will be profiled in a book published by Mosaic Canada Murals ( Who knew we would all be published artists? Thanks to all who contributed. Great of art, that is!