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Bruce Sinnis

Nominated by:  Aenon Baptist Church 

Bruce is married to Anne, has 3 sons and 2 grandchildren.  He is well respected at Aenon and an excellent neighbor.  Bruce has been an important long-time volunteer at Aenon Baptist Church, Chester Basin in various capacities.  

Bruce is a teller for Sunday Services; Assistant Treasurer; a very important member of the audio-visual team putting together the volunteer roster for live-streaming of services at Aenon.  Prior to Covid, Aenon presented a Community Fun Day for the enjoyment of all who chose to attend and was always well received.  Bruce’s hardwork and effort, resulted in great attendance, in fact, overwhelming.  

Bruce is active on the Building & Grounds Committee, volunteers for Fellowship gatherings and related events at the Church.  He has completed unpaid tasks for seniors as requested.   As a member of Lakeview Cemetery Committee he is presently preparing a policy for the cemetery operations.  
Any events or responsibility for which Bruce volunteers sees him arriving always early for some, to make sure all in “in order”.  

He is always a willing supporter of Fundraisers for ALS, Breast Cancer and Church related activities held at CAMS.  Bruce completes much needed repairs at the Church as they are documented and within his expertise.  He is a very competent carpenter. He has a background in financial planning and certainly an asset in the finances at Aenon.