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East Coast Powerline

East Coast Powerline is a Canadian and United States based company formed in 2018 that specializes in the successful management and timely delivery of large-scale powerline projects across North America. 

We provide our clients with a proven management team, functional operation strategies and innovative work procedures to take on the most challenging tasks in the industry to deliver a safe, quality and on schedule project.

The leaders of East Coast Powerline have a proven track record of taking over high profile and behind schedule projects and turning them around to a positive outcome, not only from a budgeting and scheduling standpoint but also by keeping safety, environmental and quality at the top of every decision made. East Coast Powerline takes a strong, no short cut approach from day one on every aspect of a job and carefully plans each step to completion thus creating a much safer work environment and giving the client a quality product, that they deserve. East Coast Powerline takes a hands-on approach to getting to know every detail of a job as well as understanding the need to carefully lay out a work execution plan and communicate this to everyone involved.

This is a third party listing and has not been verified by the Municipality.