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Small Option Homes Amendments to the Municipal Land Use By-Law.

What: Public Information Meeting to provide information and solicit comments on a proposed amendment to the Municipal Land Use By-Law.

When: Wednesday September 27, 2023, beginning at 6:00 pm

Where: Municipal Council Chambers, 151 King Street, Chester

What is it:  Council has directed staff to prepare draft amendments and related staff report for the inclusion of "Small Option Homes" as a permitted land use in residential zones in accordance with a new directive in the Statements of Provincial Interest for Housing. 

How can I have my say?  The meeting is designed to  provide information on the proposed amendments and allow for comments, questions, and ideas to be shared. You may also contact Planning staff directly to ask questions or let us know your thoughts on the proposal. 

Staff have been directed to prepare a report outlining the proposed amendments. The report will be considered by the Municipal Planning Advisory Committee to receive a recommendation. The report and recommendation will then be considered by Council before making a final decision following a Public Hearing. Notices with the date, time and location of future meetings will be posted in a local newspaper, on our website, on Municipal Social Media and at the Municipal Office. Council Meetings ae open to members of the public and are also streamed live on YouTube (

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