1. Amendments to the Village of Chester Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law to permit up to 10 dwelling units in a structure by Development Agreement within the Central Commercial Zone.
  2. Application for a Development Agreement for 122 Queen Street to convert the existing commercial unit to a residential dwelling unit for a total of 10 dwelling units. 

Public information Meeting to provide information and solicit comments and questions on two files resulting from a recent request to Council. The first file is consideration of amendments to allow application for up to 10 dwelling units in the Central Commercial Zone by Development Agreement. The second file is a request for a Development Agreement for 122 Queen Street, to convert a commercial unit to residential, for a total of 10 dwelling units in the structure. The second file is contingent on the first file being adopted and accepted by Council. 

The Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 15th at 6:00p.m.

The Meeting will be held in Chester Municipal Council Chambers, 151 King Street, Chester.  If you wish to attend the meeting virtually, please contact us at (902) 275-2599 to preregister for the meeting at least 3 days prior. Once registered a link to join the meeting will be emailed to you. 

Staff will provide information on the process of amending the Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law as well as gathering feedback and input from members of the public. Comments and questions from this meeting will be summarized and included in a staff report to Council.

The meeting is designed to provide information on the requested amendment and development agreement. Additionally, the meeting is a time for comments, questions, and ideas to be raised and documented. In addition, you may contact Planning staff directly to ask questions or let us know your thoughts on the project.

Staff are beginning work on a report for consideration by the Chester Village Planning Advisory Committee and Municipal Council. If Council is in favour of the amendments, a date for a Public Hearing will be scheduled to provide an additional opportunity for public input and comments before Council votes to approve or reject the amendment. 

Specific dates of when Council will consider the amendments are yet to be determined. Notices with the date, time and location of meetings will be posted in a local newspaper, on our website, and notices will be posted at the Municipal Office. 

Call us! (902) 275-2599

Write us! Community Development Department, Box 369, 186 Central Street, Chester, NS  B0J 1J0

Email us! planning@chester.ca 

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