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Picnic memory game (2+ participants)


  • To play, everyone sits in a circle. The first player says, “In my basket for the picnic, I packed…,” and then says what item they packed.
  • The next player then says, “In my basket for the picnic, I packed…,” and then recites what the first player packed and adds their own item to the basket, and so forth.


Uncle Joe’s Suitcase (2+ participants)


  • The group forms a circle.
  • The first-person states “My name is ________ and I packed Uncle Joe’s suitcase with...” And says what they packed.
  • The group continues, each person repeating everything said before them.
  • The real trick is that the last person in the group has to name all of the people’s items.


Animal Guessing game (3+ participants)


  • Send one person outside the group and explain to they that they are going to act like an animal when they return to the group and that they aim of the game is for everyone else to guess the animal. Then tell them to be a dog.
  • While the person is away from the group the rest of the group is told that they must not guess that the camper is a dog when they return. They can guess any other animals but not dogs.
  • After 5 mins tell the person in the middle acting like a dog to pick a new animal and then while they are acting as this animal, keep guessing that they are a dog.


Black Magic (3+ participants)


  • Send someone who knows who to play out of the room, with someone who does not know how to play as their ‘witness’.
  • Let the participants pick an object in the room to be the object.
  • Call in the witness and guesser.
  • Ask the guesser “is it _______?”
  • Continue to ask different objects.
  • Ask if it is a black object. The guesser will say “no”.
  • Then, ask if it is the object that the participants picked. The guesser will say “yes”.
  • You must pick the object the participants picked directly after picking a black object.


Memory Drawing (6+ participant)

  • Materials: Blank sheets of paper, a few writing utensils.


  • Have the delegates sit in two straight lines, facing the back of the person in front of them.
  • The person at the back of each line is the ‘team captain’ for that round and comes up to the leader.
  • The leaders show the person from the back of the line the picture. Each team captain gets 30 seconds to view the picture.
  • They then go back and draw the picture on the back of the person in front of them.
  • This continues the entire way to the front of the line. When it reaches the person in the front, that person draws the picture they think of on a piece of paper.
  • The team with the most accurate drawing wins the round
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