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Millett Lumber

MILLETT LUMBER, where we Mill'ett Right


Millett Lumber is not just in the name it's our name. The quality and desire to serve our customers is long rooted in our heritage. Established in 1965 by Wayne Millett as Wayne B Millett Lumber the Mill successfully operated for 52 years. In 2017, Wayne's son; Kyle and nephew; Adrian had a dream to reestablish the mill and take it to new levels. Great things come to those who dream big and work harder. 

​It was a major undertaking deconstructing one mill and rebuilding another. Much thought went into planning from finding a buyer for the old mill parts to locating parts for the new mill. Every major part of equipment in the mill was repurposed from mills in the Atlantic provinces that used to operate. A total of 5 mills created one new one to streamline efficiency and reduce waste to an absolute minimum. The mill is able to use every part of the tree except for the limbs, which are left in the forest to decompose and regenerate young trees while providing habitat for small animals in the under brush. Tree lots are carefully managed and the best cutting practice for each particular plot of land is used to ensure the best regeneration rate. Logs enter on one end of the mill and come out on the other as rough lumber. All excess parts of the log is separated into piles as it exits the mill, giving it a purpose instead of hauling it away as waste. Two local hospitals are supplied with chips for heat and domestic hot water, sawdust is typically used by farmers, livestock owners, and the remainder to processing plants to produce wood pellets. When boards go through the plainer and come out in beautiful, smooth, and finished pieces even the shavings are separated and do not go to waste. Virtually everything is used which is another step to ensuring renewable practices everywhere possible. Ever drive along the highway and notice crews cutting back the trees along the shoulders? Those trees used to lay and rot, serving no purpose. Millett Lumber saw this as an unnecessary waste and set to work to get a contract to purchase that wood. It is now trucked to our mill and processed.

​We strive to operate using renewable, sustainable, and efficient forest management and production, providing you with quality wood products for years to come.

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