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Disaster Assistance

Nova Scotians who have been severely impacted by hurricane Fiona will receive financial support from the Government of Nova Scotia.

Support includes:

  • $100 for every household that lost power for at least 48 hours to help cover the cost of spoiled food
  • up to $250 for every person that has to pay for tree removal from their property
  • an additional $250 on top of the existing $750 Seniors Care Grant to help with storm repairs
  • $150 to all current income assistance recipients, including Disability Support Program participants receiving income support (the additional $150 is processed automatically)
  • additional funding for service providers to help people receiving the Essentials Allowance (check with your housing support worker or local shelter for more information about supports available)
  • residential property owners and tenants can apply for disaster financial assistance for damage or loss from Hurricane Fiona
  • $1,000 per household in emergency funding for people ordered out of their homes or who can’t return to their homes (you can register with the Canadian Red Cross online or by calling 1-800-863-6582

Non-profits and small businesses are also eligible for support. Click here for more information.