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Kaizer Meadow landfill face on fire while Hantsport Fire Department aerial truck fights smoldering blaze.
Hantsport Fire Dept's aerial truck fights fire at Kaizer Meadow Landfill face

Thank you!

The tremendous efforts and hours freely given, without question, should have exceeded anyone's expectations, but in all honesty, the high level of professionalism and hard work put forth by these individuals did not come as a surprise to us at all. We know the determination these volunteers possess and what they are capable of. They show us every time they respond to a call. First responders are exceptional people. They persevere and aren't done until they know the job is finished. For that we are truly grateful, so a heartfelt thank you to all involved.

Volunteer Fire Departments involved:

  • Chester
  • Chester Basin
  • New Ross
  • Western Shore
  • Lunenburg
  • Brooklyn
  • Kentville
  • Hantsport
  • Hantsport 2
  • Windsor
  • Wolfville
  • New Minas
  • Oakhill

Support Agencies involved:

  • Public Safety Communications
  • Emergency Measures Organizations
  • NS Department of Natural Resources
  • NS Department of Environment
  • Public Health Services

Like we have said so many times before, without you, the outcome would have been very different. Thank you.

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