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Aerial image of Rafuse Cove in Western Shore
Rafuse Cove water sampling sites

UPDATE - Water Sampling Results

We have received results from Coastal Action for the latest marine water quality samples taken at Bayswater and Western Shore.

While the levels are lower than the previous sample, results indicate that enterococci bacteria levels at one of three testing sites in the Rafuse Cove area of Western Shore, are higher than the Canadian Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality, and we are advising residents to avoid using the area for recreational activities until they improve. The area is Goose Creek (also known as the mouth of Vaughans River) as indicated on the map below.

According to Health Canada Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality, activities to avoid are those with primary contact or those “in which the whole body or the face and trunk are frequently immersed or the face is frequently wetted by spray, and where it is likely that some water will be swallowed (e.g., swimming, surfing, waterskiing, whitewater canoeing/rafting/kayaking, windsurfing, subsurface diving). Secondary contact or “Activities in which only the limbs are regularly wetted and in which greater contact (including swallowing water) is unusual (e.g. rowing, sailing, canoe touring, fishing) should also be avoided for the immediate area.

All other locations tested within the guidelines.

The three-month program is coming to a close with only one more set of tests left. After testing has concluded, Coastal Action will provide the Municipality with recommendations for consideration. We will share when available.

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