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Uniform Signage Program

The Uniform Advertising Signage Program provides tourist businesses with a clear and effective means to advertise their services. Tourist-related businesses include accommodations, attractions, eating establishments, etc.

Uniform Advertising Signage

The Municipality will construct, install, and maintain the signage. The tourism business advertising signs are 7’ wide and 18” high. The business name, the distance in kilometres, and a corresponding symbol (where applicable) are displayed in white letters on a blue background. The business name must not exceed 24 characters, including spaces needed between words. Businesses located within the Municipality can advertise their business on any uniform advertising signage structure, but businesses that operate outside the municipality must be within ten (10) kilometres of the uniform signage structure they wish to advertise on and are limited to one (1) advertising sign. Businesses located in the municipality are limited to two (2) uniform advertising signs.

Fee Schedule

The fee payable for an application for each new uniform sign for a business is $150 per sign. The annual fee payable for the continued placement and maintenance of uniform signs for a business is $40 per sign. The fee payable for a name change of a uniform sign for a tourism business is $100 per sign. Payment must accompany the application form. Cheques are payable to the Municipality of the District of Chester (no post-dated cheques please).