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Water Distribution Program

Council has approved a district-wide water distribution program in light of the ongoing dry weather and the impact it has had on the quantity and quality of residents’ well water. The program provides households experiencing a clean water shortage with 4L of bottled water per person per day up to a maximum of four 4L jugs per day.

Similar to previous years, the program will be coupon-based with coupons available to MOC residents at the Municipal Office, 151 King Street in Chester, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Coupons are good for a one-week period (Monday to Sunday), and will expire each Sunday for as long as the program is in place. You can receive all of your coupons at once or pick them up as needed. If you pick up coupons for multiple days, you can only receive the maximum number of coupons per day for the days remaining in the week until expiry. For example, on Monday, you can get coupons for 28L of water per person (one week's worth). On Thursday, you can get coupons for 16L of water per person (four days). The Municipality will assess the situation again on October 24, 2019 to determine if the program will or will not continue.

Coupons can be exchanged at select retailers within the Municipality for one 4L jug of water (no substitutes). The Municipality is urging only those residents who are in need to access this program so as to reserve supplies for those with little or no water. Selected retailers are: Independent Grocers in Chester and Hubbards (who will provide Presidents Choice brand), Chester Foodland (who will provide Big 8 brand), Chester Basin Petro-Canada (who will provide Big 8 brand), and Clover Farm in New Ross (who will provide Big 8 brand).

Residents experiencing mobility issues, can call the Municipal Office at 902-275-3554 to express their permission to have a neighbour or family member collect their coupons on their behalf.

Please continue to visit www.chester.ca or our social media sites for updates.

If your well has run dry or you are having to ration water use because of low water levels, please let us know by recording it on the Municipality's Water Shortage Tracker.

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