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Wild Decoelis Photography

Welcome to Wild Decoeli's Photography!

We are Rob and Katie Rose Decoeli (de Chell ee). We started Wild Decoeli's Photography to bring our clients documentary style photos at an affordable price, while making you feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process. We like to get to know all of our clients on a personal bases through meetings, emails and the sessions themselves to achieve this comfort level. To know a little about us and why we love photography, and wedding photography more specifically, here it is. The BIGGEST reason we do what we do is for the simple opportunity to be invited into your lives for however brief a moment of time to capture what is most important to you.

Personally, Katie and I are raising our 3 children on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, where in our down time we are slowly restoring our century craftsman home. We enjoy a simple slower way of life and hope to transition to owning a small farm in our future.

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