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Wilson Fitt

Nominated by:  Our Health Centre (OHC)

Wilson Fitt has been a steady, kind, and reassuring presence at OHC since the day construction started. He was the volunteer project manager for two years overseeing all aspects of the build until its completion in December 2016. He ensured that the project was on time, on budget and built to the highest standard possible!   After the doors officially opened to the public Wilson volunteered to chair the OHC Building Committee which is comprised of Wilson and 2 other volunteers. Since 2016 he has helped to troubleshoot a myriad of issues, big and small, always with calmness and a sense of humor. He is very well respected amongst all the tradespeople, architects, and suppliers.  He makes himself available no matter what time of day or night and always provides a way to solve a problem without any judgement or unreasonable expectation. He gives clear directions and provides back-up to ensure the issue of the day is resolved. OHC is on a solid foundation thanks to Wilson Fitt!   Wilson`s impact and legacy will be felt for years to come because citizens of all ages from this community and beyond will benefit from the programs and services provided by Our Health Centre and the Chester Playhouse. His keen eye and dedication to both these projects has ensured their endurance into the future and their place in the fabric of this Municipality.  He is the type of guy that would rather see this award go to someone else, but we feel very strongly that this award needs to go to him this year. We are very grateful to Wilson for his time, his professional talents and his kindness.