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Kyle Bridgett & Ed Beals


The Prismatic Comic Fluctuater™ is a novel and interactive way to bring comics to a new frontier: Mother Nature. Inspired by classic playground equipment, this five-foot constructed form features 16 turntable triangular prisms arranged four by four, each with three separate square panels that combined to display three separate “pages.”

Each Prismatic Comic Fluctuater™ will display three separate pages. Two of the three will be comic pages written and illustrated by me (Kyle) and the third will be a drawing of a local landmark illustrated by Ed. The first comic page in each Fluctuater™ will tell a slice of life story pertaining to rum running. Here is an example. In Hubbards, the story will follow a fisherman over the course of an evening loading rum, avoiding detection by authorities, and delivering his payload, while casually commenting on how his payment for a single load is equal to an entire season of fishing. Subsequent rum running pages elsewhere along the trail will aim to connect people to other aspects of rum running: women of prohibition, schooners, famous police, and bootleggers, etc. These comics will be meticulously researched ensuring techniques and equipment are accurate to the period. The intention of this first page will be to draw readers in by appealing to the history and branding of the trail itself.

“I am not from Nova Scotia, and neither is my wife. We're (gasp!) Upper Canadians. But we fell in love in Nova Scotia, taking many scenic road trips across around the province in our little car. Along the way we even brought a native Nova Scotian son of our own into the world. For me, this project is a way to combine two great loves: comics and home.”  - Kyle C. Bridgett

“I have always called Nova Scotia home. I grew up in the Annapolis Valley where I spent many days exploring the backroads, woods between farms, and fading trails along the Annapolis river. Owning to the influence of my hiking enthusiast partner, I have explored much more of the Province’s trails system. We are now trying to impart this love of exploring the land to our eight-year-old-daughter.”  - Ed Beals

“We set out to solve the challenge: Can comics connect community and nature? The Prismatic Comic Fluctuater™ is our answer. Intentionally unpretentious, the Fluctuater™ avails itself of one's innate familiarity with playground equipment to tell exciting community-focused historical dramas in the form of comics. Is it public art? Is it our heritage? Tune in for the next exciting installation!” 

Kyle Bridgett is a cartoonist, illustrator, and educator based in Halifax. His work has appeared in MAD Magazine since 2017. Ed Beals, also based in Halifax, is an artist and international award-winning animator, whose work has sought to bridge digital and constructed forms for decades.