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Provincial Hearing

Provincial Hearing provides personalized hearing care from locations in Halifax, Dartmouth and Hammonds Plains and now Chester. We serve all of Nova Scotia with hearing assessments and the largest selection of hearing aid brands and products available locally. Hearing impairment is complex and personal, and research shows an acceleration of cognitive disability occurs when hearing deficiencies are not treated. We perform more tests than other clinic's and take the time to educate our clients about their unique needs and the options that suit their lifestyles.

Our ear canals are as unique as our fingerprints. Shape, size, and the individual lifestyle of each client all factor into choosing the right product. Our business model allows us to be independent and flexible. 

Your hearing is tied to your emotional wellbeing as well as your cognitive health. Humans are social beings and by helping people hear better, we give them greater confidence to tackle the world head-on and live the life they deserve. 



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