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Scott Hamlin


"Scott would like to create an archway that would serve as an entrance and a focal point at the Lion’s Park in New Ross. At the top of this archway would be 'New Ross EST. 1816.'  The archway would include four artistic panels with scenes/emblems of natural elements native to the area, such as a loon, cattails, and salmon. Christmas tree farming is a vital part of this community and would be represented in one of the panels.  The archway would also have a panel representing a symbol of cultural heritage, a mi’qmak star emblem. There is a First Nations band in New Ross, the sipekne'katik. The four colours used to create the eight-point star represent harmony and unity between all people. Each colour represents a different direction: white - North; black - South; red - East; yellow – West.

"Scott Hamlin is an artist blacksmith living and working in the community of New Ross for more than 40 years. He has created and operated the business Scotian Ironworks for more than 30 years. Scott produces custom ironworks such as railings, wine racks, wood holders, wildlife, nautical themes,
furniture and candelabras. He creates one-of-a-kind pieces that often reflect themes of nature, family, history or can be spiritual or whimsical. The scope of his work ranges from client to client.

"In 1990 he apprenticed for six months with six experienced master blacksmiths to develop and hone his skills. Since then, he has been building his business and skill level, constantly evolving, and growing his artistic abilities.  Scott has also been very passionate about promoting the growth of blacksmithing. He was a founding director of the Maritime Blacksmithing Association in 2003 and continues his involvement. He has demonstrated at many MBA events over the years, sharing his skills and love of this historic trade. Scott has also welcomed several school groups to his shops to learn about blacksmithing and has visited schools to talk about blacksmithing. Scott also has hosted an “Open Shop” event during the New Ross Christmas Festival for the last 20+ years. Over the years, Scott has been generously creating and donating ironwork pieces for charities and fundraising efforts such as UNICEF, Hope for Wildlife, Ross Farm Museum Learning Centre project, NRRDS silent auction, Easter Seals, and many local events."