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Active Staff Listing

This list represents active employees of the Municipality of Chester.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Tara Maguire, Chief Administrative Officer

Corporate & Strategic Management (902-275-4147

Erin Lowe, Deputy CAO
Bruce Blackwood, Fire Services/Safety Coordinator
Olivia Corkum, Junior Policy Analyst
Ellen Johnson, Regional Accessibility Coordinator
Emily Lennox, Executive Secretary
Ashley Marlin, Community Economic Development Officer
Pamela Myra, Municipal Clerk & Director of Human Resources
Craig Upshaw, Regional Anti-Racism & Diversity Coordinator
Brian Webb, Economic Development Officer
Jennifer Webber, Communications Officer & Outreach Coordinator

Community Development & Recreation Services

Chad Haughn, Director
Kendel Barkhouse, By-Law Officer
Lori-Ann Harnish, Administrative Assistant (Building, Development & Planning)

Building Services (902-275-3080

Matthew Bustelli, Fire Inspector
Brent Haase, Building Official
Tammy Hamm, Administrative Coordinator
Jeffery Langille - Building Official Trainee
Jared Stevens, Building Official in Training

Planning Services (902-275-2599

Heather Archibald, Senior Development Officer
Elaine Brunn Shaw, Development Officer
Sylvia Dixon, Development & Planning Technician
Paul Riley, Planner
Darlene Scott, Administrative Assistant
Emily Statton, Planner
Garth Sturtevant, Senior Planner

Recreation & Parks Services (902-275-3490

Jody Conrad, Recreation Coordinator
Nadine Hackney, Community Development Coordinator
Debbie Harnish, Administrative Assistant
Cosette Howlett, Administrative Assistant & PRO Kids Coordinator
Gord Tate, Active Living Coordinator
Community Use Night Staff

Finance & Information Services

Tim Topping, Treasurer & Director

Finance (902-275-3554

Christine Collicutt, Head of Financial Services
Shannon Lantz, Financial Analyst
Anita MacDonald, Accounts Payable Clerk
Ashley Tanner, Accounting Clerk/Administrative Assistant
Betty Mulrooney, Customer Service Clerk
Angela Schnare, Revenue Administrator

Information Services

Cliff Gall, Information Services Director
Gordon Maclean, Systems Analyst
Dan Pittman, Records Manager/IAP Administrator/Procurement Officer
Nick Zinck, GIS/Data Management Specialist

Infrastructure & Operations

Manny Blair, Director
Jonathan Meakin, Manager of Sustainability & Asset Management

Public Works (902-275-1312

Fred Whynot, Public Works Director
Tammie Bezanson, Engineering Technologist
Justin Boutilier, Skilled Labourer
Susan Bridal, Custodian
Tami Clarke, Administrative Coordinator
Stephen Cunningham, Skilled Labourer
Guilford Dominey, Operations & Maintenance
Larry Hood, Infrastructure Systems Manager
Garth Maclean, Wastewater Operator
Stephen Walker, Skilled Labourer

Solid Waste Services (902-275-2330

Christa Rafuse, Solid Waste Director
Garett Acker, Heavy Equipment Operator
Patrick Fisher, Labourer
Arles Harnish, Heavy Equipment Operator
Tammy Harnish, Recycling/Client Service Coordinator
Joey Rines, Heavy Equipment Operator
Robert Russell, Maintenance/Heavy Equipment Operator
Ryan Smith, Scale House Operator
Ben Swinamer, Site Supervisor/Heavy Equipment Operator
Tim Townsend, Wastewater Operator
Tim Weisner, HHW/Lead Heavy Equipment Operator