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Active Staff Listing

This list represents active employees of the Municipality of Chester

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Tara Maguire, Chief Administrative Officer
Emily Lennox, Executive Secretary (CAO & CSM)

Corporate & Strategic Management (902-275-4147

Erin Lowe, Deputy CAO
Bruce Blackwood, Fire Services/Safety Coordinator
Olivia Corkum, Economic Development Officer
Ellen Johnson, Regional Accessibility Coordinator
Pamela Myra, Municipal Clerk & Director of Human Resources
Jennifer Webber, Communications Officer & Outreach Coordinator
VACANT, Community Economic Development Officer

Community Development & Recreation Services

Chad Haughn, Director
Lori-Ann Harnish, Administrative Assistant (Building, Development & Planning)

Building Services (902-275-3080

Brent Haase, Building Official
Tammy Hamm, Administrative Coordinator
Brendan Mosher, Fire Inspector
Jared Stevens, Building Official in Training

Planning Services (902-275-2599

Heather Archibald, Senior Development Officer
Elaine Brunn Shaw, Development Officer
Sylvia Dixon, Development & Planning Technician
Darlene Scott, Administrative Assistant
Emily Statton, Planner
Garth Sturtevant, Senior Planner

Recreation & Parks Services (902-275-3490

Jody Conrad, Recreation Coordinator (based out of FHCS)
Nadine Hackney, Community Development Coordinator (based out of NRCS)
Debbie Harnish, Administrative Assistant
Cosette Howlett, Administrative Coordinator & PRO Kids Coordinator
Gord Tate, Active Living Coordinator

Finance & Information Services

Tim Topping, Treasurer & Director

Finance (902-275-3554

Christine Collicutt, Head of Financial Services
Shannon Lantz, Financial Analyst
Anita MacDonald, Accounts Payable Clerk
Ashley Morrison, Accounting Clerk / Administrative Assistant
Betty Mulrooney, Customer Service Clerk
Angela Schnare, Revenue Administrator
VACANT, Administrative Assistant

Information Services

Cliff Gall, Information Services Director
Gordon Maclean, Systems Analyst
Dan Pittman, Records Manager/IAP Administrator/Procurement Officer
Nick Zinck, GIS/Data Management Specialist

Infrastructure & Operations

Manny Blair, Director
Jonathan Meakin, Manager Sustainability & Asset Management

Public Works (902-275-1312

Fred Whynot, Public Works Director
Tammie Bezanson, Engineering Technologist
Justin Boutilier, Labourer
Tami Clarke, Administrative Coordinator
Guildford Dominey, Operations & Maintenance
Ben Foote, Labourer
Garth Maclean, Wastewater Operator
VACANT, Custodian
VACANT, Infrastructure Systems Manager
VACANT, Labourer

Solid Waste Services (902-275-2330

Christa Rafuse, Solid Waste Director
Garett Acker, Heavy Equipment Operator
Patrick Fisher, Labourer
Arles Harnish, Heavy Equipment Operator
Tammy Harnish, Client Service Coordinator
Joey Rines, Heavy Equipment Operator
Robert Russell, Maintenance/Heavy Equipment Operator
Ryan Smith, Scale House Operator
Ben Swinamer, Site Supervisor/Heavy Equipment Operator
Tim Townsend, Wastewater Operator
Tim Weisner, HHW/Lead Heavy Equipment Operator