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Tax Sales


What is a Tax Sale?

Tax accounts that are two years in arrears are eligible for tax sale. The process for preparing for a tax sale is:

  1. A list is prepared of properties to be sold;
  2. Preliminary notices are mailed out to customers stating that tax sale procedures will begin in 14 days (or longer if Council so determines);
  3. A title search is carried out and survey if needed;
  4. The Notice of Tax Sale is served, with the Sale being held no earlier than 60 days after the Notice;
  5. When the Tax Sale closes, purchasers have three days to submit full payment;
  6. The Municipality issues the Certificate of Sale to the purchaser, records the Certificate at the Registry of Deeds, and sends it to the original owner along with a notice of "right to redeem" if applicable;
  7. The Municipality then issues a tax deed (at the request of the purchaser) and upon fee payment provided the right to redeem has not been exercised (the right to redeem expires six months after the tax sale);
  8. If the property owner comes in to pay the arrears (and all expenses associated with the Sale) before the final step, they can assume ownership again.